Q. What is “BipCot”?
A. It’s the Beastlick Internet Policy Commission Outreach Team. That’s the name our software company.


Q. What’s “Beastlick”?
A.  “Beastlick” for where we live. It’s the American Mountain West version of “Bumfuck, Egypt.”

Q. So, the BipCot NoGov license…..is this a joke?
A. Mostly no. It’s a license we wrote that we’re comfortable with. We are using it on software, media, products and services of our own, and we encourage others to use it. And it’s getting used and spread. For more on whether or not the BipCot license has “teeth”, please see Email conversation I had with Mark from Negativeland about BipCot. (tl/dr; BipCot doesn’t have any legal meaning, except the exception in part #9 added in version 1.2, to allow multi-license monetizing for the author.)

Q. Is this a Sovereign Citizen thing?
A. No. If anything, BipCot is partially a satire of the idea that “magic words grant extra rights.” We know that magic words don’t grant extra rights. We do know that government is immoral. But we know that the best thing to do is ignore government, operate outside government, rather than try to imitate government.

Q. What is the meaning of the teeth and tongue?
A. It’s a monster that will bite (with shame) anyone who violates the license.

Q. Is your license open source?
A. Probably not. According to the Open Source Initiative (who are pretty much the accepted overseeing body on these things), to be considered open source: “The license shall not restrict any party from selling or giving away the software as a component of an aggregate software distribution containing programs from several different sources.”

And the Open Source Initiative has actually weighed in on Twitter telling us that the BipCot license is NOT an open source license:


We could argue that “shame” does not restrict anyone, but we’re not calling it an “open source” license anyway. We’re calling it a “NoGov” license. The term “open source” is so misused it’s almost lost any real meaning to the general public anyway. But our source is open. You can view it and modify it, as long as you’re not part of a government.

For what it’s worth, the BipCot NoGov license is partially a reaction against Richard Stallman’s commie “GPL license.”

Q. What’s the extent of the “shame” that the creators of BipCot endorse? Does that include “doxxing“?
A. We feel that “Being made fun of” generally includes your name, job, website and city. More than that might be “doxxing“, which is beyond the scope of BipCot.

The unspoken “social contract” with doxxing is always this: “I’m too much of a pussy to show up at my target’s house, but someone else might not be.”

The makers of BipCot do NOT encourage doxxing. But we have no control over it if someone does it.

Q. Aren’t licenses square and statist? I thought you guys were libertarians.
A. Government-ordered licenses are square and statist. Licenses you cannot opt out of having to get to exercise a natural right (free speech, public assembly, marriage, traveling over imaginary borders, having certain plants, having pets, having guns, etc,) are statist and square. But voluntary licenses like ours are very libertarian.

Without signed voluntary contacts, any “remedy” you take for a “violation” where there is no loss of property or life or health is statist and wrong and square because it’s based on a “social contract.” Social contracts are bad things.

Social contracts are a form of soft slavery. You’re born into them. Some group of buffoons in suits decided you have signed the social contract merely by being born in a specific geographic region. These soft-slavery contracts are enforced by men in fancy costumes with shiny badges and guns…..men who will cage you or kill you if you violate these “laws” and commit these “crimes.”

Even in LibPar (a libertarian paradise) with non-government courts, you’d likely need a signed contract to sue for most civil wrongs where there is no loss of property or life or health. A software license you have to click “I Agree” on to install a program is a signed contract. And the only “remedy” for violating our license is shame, not courts. And our license is much more reasonable to be thought of as “signed” by clicking “I Agree” than with the EULAs with most software. Our license is a half-page of plain English, most EULAs are 10 to 25 pages of complex legalese.

Q. What is “BipCotting”?
A. Answered HERE.

Q. Isn’t stuff published in the USA (and some other countries) automatically covered by copyright?
A. That is so SQUARE! I didn’t vote for that. I don’t recognize it. Fug those nanny bitches. Anything you’re “born into” is literally slavery.

Q. What’s the mission statement of BipCot, software-wise?
A. “Great software is like aspirin: It does very few things, does them very well, has few side effects, isn’t expensive, has no patent and is easily available everywhere.”
Beastlick Internet Policy Commission Outreach Team

Q. Will BipCot endorse my product / service / event?
A. No. BipCot cannot endorse anything. You put BipCot on your product / service / event. We do not issue you a BipCot license. You “issue” it to yourself.

Q. Can a BipCot license on something come from an anonymous “person” or does it require an “author.”
A. It can be anonymous. Or have an author. Either works.

Someone recently wanted to boycott BipCot because some event they didn’t like that used the BipCot license, which they felt was a negative endorsement of BipCot. But BipCot does not “endorse” anyone. An event using the BipCot license is no more an endorsement BY BipCot than that event taking Bitcoin for tickets is Bitcoin “endorsing” that event.


NOTHING ON THIS WEBSITE IS LEGAL ADVICE. PLEASE CONSULT AN ATTORNEY BEFORE USE…who will probably tell you not use this license. lol.

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  1. So I’m a welfie and I bipcot myself or my show. A. I can’t go to work anymore B. The U.S. Army is opened up for public shaming C. I’m opened up for public shaming

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