Will BipCot endorse my product / service / event?



BipCot cannot endorse anything. You put BipCot on your product / service / event.¬†We do not issue you a BipCot license. You “issue” it to yourself.

(If you’re a government or government agent, you shouldn’t do that, or you’ll get made fun of. Hell,if you’re a government or government agent, you shouldn’t be using or even LOOKING AT a BipCot-licensed product / service / event, because you’ll be made fun of.*)

Someone recently wanted to boycott BipCot because some event they didn’t like that used the BipCot license, which they felt was a negative endorsement of BipCot. But BipCot does not “endorse” anyone. An event using the BipCot license is no more an endorsement BY BipCot than that event taking Bitcoin for tickets is Bitcoin “endorsing” that event.


*(“Being made fun of” generally includes your name, job, website and city. More than that might be “doxxing“, which is beyond the scope of BipCot. The unspoken “social contract” with doxxing is always this: “I’m too much of a pussy to show up at my target’s house, but someone else might not be.”

The makers of BipCot do NOT encourage doxxing. But we have no control over it if someone does it.


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