What is “BipCotting”?

Suze Fisher BipCotting silly hats in Nepal.

Suze Fisher BipCotting silly hats in Nepal.

So, someone asked: “What on earth is bipcotting? I went to the website and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Perhaps I’m just dense, but I didn’t get it…

I replied:

I’d make a joke of “If you have to ask, you’ll never know,” but that’s rude. And I kinda love explaining it, actually.

BipCot is a semi-serious semi-joke anti-IP license.

“BipCotting” is holding up a BipCot flag of some sort (or wearing a BipCot mask, BipCot T-shirt, BipCot button, or a BipStrong bracelet) to “license” the person and/or thing in the photo, i.e. to “protect it from government.”

It’s an anarcho-capitalist in-joke that’s getting pretty popular. Suze is using a printed license because we didn’t have time to get her a flag or T-shirt before she left. Here are more pix of other people “BipCotting” things: http://bipcot.org/?p=625 and http://bipcot.org/?p=584

It’s also kind of a cross between making fun of the concept of “Intellectual property”, and making fun of Sovereign Citizens who think they can overcome government oppression with “magic words.”

People are encouraged to “BipCot ’round the world” while traveling (like Suze is in the photo above, in Nepal), and send us the pix to post.

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