BipCot NoGov License, updated to v1.2, adds clarifying language about publishing and royalties


BipCot NoGov License v1.2 was released Aug 3, 2018.

We recommend you update to using this version. The update adds only one thing: section 9, which says:

“This license only covers use of the software or media itself.
The license holder retains any royalties or publishing rights on usage of the software or media, where applicable.”

This multi-licensing scenario has always been the case with the BipCot NoGov License, but it wasn’t clear to some people.

An example of how this works is someone could use your BipCot covered song in a movie, with credit, and without asking your permission.

But the author would still be the only person to get royalties from performing rights organizations for that song being in the movie if the movie is broadcast on TV.

This would, of course, not affect royalties or payments the filmmaker or film producer would receive on the movie itself, just on the usage of the song.

Clarifying this will make sure that financially successful content creators not discouraged from using the license.

You can grab the new license near the top of the page on the front page of this website.

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