Beastlick Internet Policy Commission Outreach Team

Michael W. Dean: CAO (Chief Anarchy Officer) audio engineer, word nerd and cat herder

Michael Dean is a talk radio host on the Freedom Feens show (Genesis Communications Network). The Freedom Feens is syndicated on three dozen commercial stations. Michael is a musician, an audio engineer and was creating and sharing spoken audio shows over the Internet in 1998. He was an early adopter of podcasting, back in 2006. Michael helped develop FeenPhone and MeowBit

Michael lives in Beastlick, Wyoming and has worked as a technical writer for O’Reilly Media.

Michael was the team leader, consultant and head publicist on the MeowBit, FreeSpeechMe and MouseCount software projects. He did publicity for BitShares.

Michael created the BipCot NoGov license. Darryl W. Perry helped with the wording, as did an attorney who does not wish to be named.

Derrick Slopey: Programmer
Derrick does brilliant stuff with zeros and ones. He runs Alienseed Software. He developed FeenPhone, MeowBit and the Silver Calculator App for Windows Phone. Derrick is a member of the Maine Hacker Club.
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  1. Hi! Just thought I’d let you all know that a new site for anarchist content,, is covered under BIPCOT! We have a logo with a linkback to your FAQ in the footer of the site, and we’ll be making a post related to that decision soon. Be well!


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