New old-time radio ad: “Become a BipCot NoGov merch re-seller”


Download the audio of the ad HERE.

New old-time radio ad: “Become a BipCot NoGov merch re-seller”

Voice: Jim Jesus.
Text: Michael W. Dean.

Text if you’d like to make your own version:

Do you want to make money working at home? Join the high-stakes world of selling BipCot NoGov merchandise!

The BipCot NoGov license is licensed under the The BipCot NoGov license. Which means you can go to, download the high-rez logos and make your own BipCot NoGov merch to sell. The best part is that YOU keep all the profits!

And if you send a picture and mail a sample to the good people at, they might even help you promote it. For free! (As long as you’re not a government or government agent, and you don’t advocate for any governments in any way.)

Help promote liberty! Make money! Have fun! Meet interesting people. Be the envy of all your friends. Be the coolest kid at FeenFest Somalia! Laugh at the state while it collapses, all while making and selling your own BipCot NoGov merch.

What will YOU design? Get creative! Lots of folks are doing it, but there’s always room for more. There are BipCot T-shirts, flags, drink cozies, turntable mats, BipStrong bracelets; BipCot stickers, playing cards and even Glock pistol back plates.

You might even get mentioned on the Freedom Feens!

You’re still kicking yourself for missing out on the start of Bitcoin, don’t miss out on BipCot! Get in at the ground floor now! (not a guarantee )

Start your new life today at That’s!

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