Ironing the creases out of your BipCot flag



(Part one of an ongoing series, “The BipCot Flag Code Explained.”)

The flags the Freedom Feens have available now as part of a recent partnership with are great, and very reasonably priced (Get them HERE). However, they do have folds in them after making the long journey from China:

Flag before ironing

Flag before ironing

But it’s not hard to remove the folds. Just iron the flag on a low iron setting (make SURE it’s a low setting, and keep moving, or you might melt your flag), periodically spraying distilled water ahead of where you’re ironing. Then hang the flag to dry (two T-pins work great), and the folds will be gone. Your flag will hang with majestic waves in the morning dew. Worms!:

Flag after ironing2

By the way, ironing is the only thing that works. I first tried washing and drying on cold, and also tried hanging it up in the bathroom while I took a hot shower. None of those removed the creases. Only ironing on a low heat, plus spraying distilled water, got the job done.

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